rock out 

Our own events began when we were still busy building the space as a functioning café. We'd construct and plant all week long, then throw open our doors to celebrate the weekend. The practice grew into an institution of sorts, drawing a following that keeps on growing.


Sundays at the Living Room

Our weekly Sunday events have garnered quite the following and have since given birth to new spin-offs: Sunday Jive, Photosynthesis, Chef on Decks, Fresh Produce. These relaxed afternoons are now a storied part of our down-to-earth-in-a-rooftop-oasis culture. 


Saturday Parties

Every second month, we gather up all our fancy dress, favourite dj's and a special guest of the finest local talent in order to throw a Saturday event! We host live performers and serve tasty treats from our latest menu releases. Keep an eye on our Calendar so you can catch the next one!


Special Happenings

Organic Ice-Cream Tastings, Cape Cheese & Wine Soirée's, Fiery Nacho Quiz-Night – who knows what exciting proposition we'll have for you next! Follow us on social media or sign up below to stay in the know about the latest developments at LR.