rock out 

Our own events began when we were still busy building the space as a functioning café. We'd construct and plant all week long, then throw open our doors to celebrate the weekend. The practice grew into an institution of sorts, drawing a following that keeps on growing.


Sundays at the Living Room

Our weekly Sunday events have garnered quite the following and have since given birth to new spin-offs: Sunday Jive, Photosynthesis, Chef on Decks, Fresh Produce. These relaxed afternoons are now a storied part of our down-to-earth-in-a-rooftop-oasis culture. 


Saturday Parties

Every Saturday that we are not booked for an event, we gather up all our fancy dress and favourite dj's in order to throw a public partyt! We host live performers and serve tasty treats from our latest menu releases. Keep an eye on our Calendar so you can catch the next one!