We stock an eclectic mix of local products that are infused with the Living Room aesthetic, often handmade and up-cycled by our super-skilled team of makers. You'll also find exotic, one-of-kind treasures that are curated and sourced by our island-loving, travel-inspired creator. Visit our boutique store at the Living Room to explore the range in person or simply shop with us online.


We have a small selection of some fine handcrafted jewels as well as a diverse range of some of the finest Balinese 925 silver jewels. Custom pieces are also available on request.



Our planter collection includes magnificent glass terrariums in various proportions and shapes. Perfect to add some life to your living space.

Contemporary Furniture

From a love for natural elements and quality workmanship comes a range of furniture that exposes the implicit beauty of its sustainably sourced materials. All items are hand-built in downtown Jozi.