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1. Basic Venue Décor Package: R7,500

Basic venue décor package includes: 15 x small vessels of fresh flowers around the venue; bunting
around the venue; naked bulbs around the perimeter of venue; fairy lights under the
Bedouin tent; 10 x mixed glass & metal lanterns around venue.

2. Deluxe Venue Décor Package: R13,500

Deluxe Venue décor package includes: 7 x lush table bouquets around the venue; flowers for bar & bathrooms;
bunting & hanging paper lanterns around the venue; naked bulbs around the perimeter of venue; fairy lights
under the Bedouin tent; gold / silver glass & metal lanterns; 2 x large Bali umbrellas; 20 x mixed cushions.


• Naked bulbs around venue perimeter: R2,000
• Fairy lights under the Bedouin tent: R2,000
• Bunting under the Bedouin tent: R1,500 (variety of colours available)
• Copper fairy lights for table: R80 each table
• 15 x Vessels fresh flowers around venue, bar & bathrooms: R2,500
• 10 x Mixed lanterns & tea light candle holders around venue: R1,500
• Bohemian cushions: R70 per cushion
• Balinese umbrellas: R300 for small & R650 for large
• White Tiffany dining chairs: R40 per chair (maximum 40 chairs)
• Copper & Wood Oslo dining chairs: R40 per chair (maximum 24 chairs)
• Coloured carpets: R400 per carpet
• Table runners: R30 each (variety of colours available)
• Hanging egg chairs: R750 each (white and wicker available)
• Bird cage with florals: R280 for small & R400 for medium
• Wedding archway: R2,000 without flowers & R2,600 with basic flowers
• Party favours / take home gifts: R40 small succulents in a pot
• Party sticks: R8 Each
• Drinks trolley: R950 - includes bottles of still & sparkling water (max 12),
ice bucket, wine glasses, florals & vintage coat hanger


Our talented and passionate Design Team can assist with any and all tailor-made decor needs,
please contact them on design@livingroomjozi.co.za for any queries / quotes.

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